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Do you enjoy meaningful stories? And lovely art?

If you enjoy meaningful stories and lovely art, then you will love this site! I invite you to explore it, and return as I add more books and art.

About Sara O’Vivian: I have been a writer and artist most of my life. In addition, I’ve always been fascinated by spiritual psychology and the universal quest for a more meaningful existence. I find that I often bring these elements into my creative works.

My favorite authors are Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen. I also think Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry is superb, and I enjoy the works of several contemporary authors.  My ideal is to inspire others with my creative works, as others have inspired me. So I hope you enjoy this site. Please comment on my posts, sharing with me what you like best. Thank you!


Sarah of Raven Hall by Sara O'VivianSarah of Raven Hall
by Sara O’Vivian

A Story of Self-Discovery,
Healing, and Liberation.
An Insightful Novel with
Suspense, Inspiration,
and Mysticism.
A Story of Awakening.
A Story of Love.






Traditional-Impressionist, Surreal, and Line Art by O’Vivian


“Birds of the Sea”

Art by Sara O'Vivian

“Goddess of Morning”

Art by Sara O'Vivian

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“Grecian Horse”

Art by Sara O'Vivian