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Being True To You – The Creative Soul

"Regina" by Sara O'VivianIf you have found it difficult to be “True to You” and who you are meant to be, then you are in good company. Many writers and artists have a difficult time accomplishing what they feel to be their missions here.

I started drawing and painting when I was quite young, and have always been fascinated by the process of creating something beautiful out of a blank canvas or blank sheet of paper.

Alas, like most people, I’ve had to work at regular jobs to make ends meet, so I mostly crammed painting and other creative works into weekends and holidays. This was quite a difficult process for me because constantly switching between the left brain (my jobs) and right brain (creative work) left me feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. If you are also creative, you can probably relate to this.

Many times, I took contract work, so I could do my creative projects between jobs. But I found this stressful, too. I never knew where my next job would come from. And my efforts to move forward with getting my creative works “out there” were always disappointing because I wasn’t able to devote the time and money necessary to make it work.

That was all before Amazon Kindle and other Internet sites came into being. These new technologies are a God-send for the Creative Soul. So, now I am focusing, once again, on getting my creative works “out there.” This time, I’m very hopeful that my efforts will produce good results!

If you can relate, please share how you are doing with getting your creativity in front of those who will appreciate it.

I wish the very best for you, and may you always be True to You!

— Sara O’Vivian

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  1. Vera

    I found this post to be very inspiring. Thank you.


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